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WordPress Calendar Settings

[vc_section][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Settings for the calendar are found in Events > Settings. If you are having trouble finding something don’t forget to look in Settings > Add-ons. Settings related to the style of the calendar, such as colours or fonts, are found in Events > Theme Options.

Viewing Events

See the following screenshot of the Viewing Events tab on the Settings page:

Adding/Editing Events

Input dates in this format: Change how you input dates. Display dates are handled by WordPress
Use 24hr time in time pickers: When creating events in your backend you can use a 24hr clock.
Disable address autocomplete function: When adding events the address fields can be set to not show auto complete results.
Use the configured region (WordPress Locale) to bias the address autocomplete function: Help Google determine locations by basing them on your site’s set location.
Display Publish at the bottom of the Edit Event Form: Place a second “Publish” at the bottom of the event creation form for improved workflow.
Show the old Post your Event button above the calendar to privilaged users: If your site’s trusted users are logged in they can create an event through the front end form.

Advanced Settings

Note: These settings are for experienced developers. Randomly clicking them on or off could break your site. Proceed with caution!


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